Depression and Anxiety Management

Is there a difference between anxiety medications and depression medication?

Is there a difference between anxiety medications and depression medication?

Depression medication and anxiety medications are often the same. Most of the commonly used depression medications treat anxiety very effectively, including the family of depression medications known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs).

The drugs’ abilities to act as depression and anxiety medication means that people suffering from both disorders can get relief without having to take multiple medications.

Which is the best method for dealing with depression or chronic anxiety: medication or therapy?

A combination of medication and therapy offer the best results for dealing with depression or chronic anxiety.

While medication and therapy work well individually, the best results for dealing with depression or chronic anxiety seem to come from a combination of the two treatments.

The medication reduces the symptoms enough for the individual to focus on the hard work of therapy. Therapy may teach stress management skills, self-esteem techniques, and how to identify and cope with the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

What’s the difference between behavioral and cognitive therapy?

The line between the two types of therapy is somewhat hazy, but generally speaking, cognitive therapy teaches the patient to identify how belief systems and resulting emotions affect his or her mental state. Behavioral therapy seeks to change behavioral patterns and habits that aggravate or cause the depression or anxiety disorder.

Can I treat my own chronic anxiety or depression?

While there are self-help techniques you can use to treat chronic anxiety and depression, medical attention is imperative.

Without professional help, you may do yourself more damage than good. A medical professional, however, can teach you self-help techniques such as progressive relaxation, relaxing breathing, stress management or visualization.

Never attempt to self-medicate your depression or anxiety. A combination of yoga and medication may also help.

What alternate treatments are available for depression and anxiety?

A number of alternative techniques are available, although the efficiency of most has yet to be proven.

Therapeutic massage, hypnosis, Reiki, and acupuncture all claim some success when treating depression and anxiety.

Check with your health professional before attempting an alternative treatment.

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