Talk Therapy for Depression

Talk therapy for depression can be given by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers or counselors.

Being depressed or having emotional baggage that you can’t get rid of can me a mental torture.

There are persons whose tolerance to problems and depression are lower and such can result to other health issues later on. Some can handle any stressor or depression quite impressively with the help of positive attitude and support system from family and friends.

There are also medical professionals and those who are trained to assist a depressed person to cope with his depression. Talk therapy for depression can be given by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers or counselors.


A psychiatrist may be a medical doctor or a mental health professional who prescribes medication to a patient but can also provide talk therapy.


A psychologist is a health professional who can reliably manage depression and also guide the patient to cope with this mental condition.

Social worker

Social workers or counselors or therapists can also help the patient manage depression and provide you with ways to cope with the condition.

Patient-Therapist relationship

Talk therapy for depression can be effective when the person who is providing the therapy is comfortable to talk to.

The comfort level of the patient with the therapist is very essential much more than any ways to cope with the condition regardless of the depression state of the patient.

It has been proven that talk therapy for depression is more successful when therapist and patient have a very good relationship.

Two types of talk therapy for depression

The two most common kinds of talk therapies for depression are cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT and interpersonal therapy. Both approaches have been proven to be effective in treating depression

Cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT investigates the effects of negative thought patterns on our moo-d while the therapist helps the patient to practice positive behaviors and thoughts.

Interpersonal therapy

Interpersonal therapy teaches patient to make positives changes to relationships to his or her personal relationships.

Talk therapy also helps a patient to learn about his or her depression while helping the person to manage depression symptoms. It has also been proven to be effective against mild to moderate depression.

Talk therapy is effective for severe depression when combined with depression medication. A talk therapist can be availed by checking with your health insurance company or asking a doctor about existence of mental health workers in your area. You can also check with the employee assistance program of our company.

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