Living With Bipolar Disorder

No magic cure, no surefire end to major mood disorders exists, but you can live a pleasant and fulfilling life. In addition to taking medication, you can make minor lifestyle choices that strengthen your ability to cope with your disorder and to avoid episodes. Become an Expert on Your Illness Read books, attend lectures, talk … Read more

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

As with heart disease and other medical conditions, bipolar disorder treatment focuses on taking the right medications and making lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of episodes. In most cases, symptoms can be managed with the right combination of medication, psychotherapy and social/emotional support. If left untreated, bipolar disorder tends to worsen, and the person … Read more

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Without a professional diagnosis, symptoms of bipolar I or bipolar II disorder can be difficult to track and may be invisible except to those who know the person very well. In the early stages of the disorder, manic depression behavior may actually appear as a different problem: substance abuse, changes in sleep patterns, strained relationships, … Read more